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A Look Into Expedition Cruising

Reason 1:

Expedition cruises are for many, an opportunity to do something truly outside their comfort zone and go to truly off the beaten track destinations. With itineraries spanning the Artic to Antarctic, Kimberly Islands, Galapagos and Patagonia, just to name a few, how can your inner explorer not be curious?

Reason 2:

Expedition cruises offer an opportunity to travel and gain an education while in the field from experts on everything from local wildlife to photography, and indigenous cultures. They even host optional lectures and special cruises with specialists in the fields of astronomy, environment and ecology. This is an absolute immersive experience that guests of all ages can appreciate.

Reason 3:

You can think of this type of cruising as a safari at sea. With hundreds of itineraries all over globe in remote areas, there are so many different wildlife encounters to have. Often times, you will get to experience wildlife a close range and have magical encounters with whales, sea lions, penguins or polar bears. Combine that with experts in photography on almost all itineraries to offer you free tips and trips on how to capture those moments, and you will have social media worthy pictures to make all your friends a little jealous.

Reason 4:

Small ships, a higher staff to guest ratio, and comfortable accommodations make your floating resort feel more intimate and indulgent. Because these ships are going to small ports and remote places, they are generally smaller and allow for a more intimate experience. That doesn’t mean there is a compromise in amenities though! Fine cuisine, for example, is a huge focus on these cruise lines.

Reason 5:

You can participate in new experiences spectacular enough to quench any experienced traveler’s wanderlust. This is your chance to experience riding on a zodiac, take a trek across a glacier, participate in a polar plunge, or just stand on the 7th continent in wonder, as you have a moment where you experience what it must have been like for the first explorers. Select ships even have their own submarines and helicopters that you can book for an additional fee, so you can explore your surroundings from both below and above the water.

Reason 6:

By participating in expedition cruising, you are supporting initiatives to help preserve ecology and environment. The companies that specialize in these types of adventures are all invested in saving and preserving the wildlife, nature and oceans that they and guests appreciate. You will find sustainability missions on their websites and see words put into action while on your cruise through their various onboard programs in support of those initiatives.

Reason 7:

There is a lot of value in expedition cruising. With the exception of submarines and helicopter rides, most activities and land excursions are going to be included in your pricing. You also get the benefit of a host of experts to guide you, amazing culinary experiences and drinks included. Depending on the line, there can be a whole host of other benefits also, and as your Virtuoso advisor, I can get you the secret VIP perks too!

I hope you will consider an expedition cruise for your next vacation. There are a lot of products out there, and they all offer something a bit different. That’s where I can help you pick the one that best suits you and ensure a stress free, extraordinary experience. Book a consultation with me at to learn more.

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