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Reasons to River Cruise

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

You’ve seen the commercials and maybe you’ve even known a person or two that has done a river cruise, but maybe you’re still skeptical about why you would want to choose this option over the more well known sea cruise products. Here I break down some of the top reasons why you should consider a river cruise for your next adventure.

Reason One:

On a river cruise, you are traveling through countries, not around them. Traveling this way you cannot help but be captivated by the moving panorama easily viewed from your balcony, common areas or on the top deck of your ship. You will have an opportunity to see more of the countryside, natural beauty, homes and lifestyles of the locals and sights that most travelers wouldn’t see, like this cliffside carving of Romania’s last king, Decebalus.

Reason Two:

Unlike many of the sea cruise products on the market, river cruises are small vessels with limited capacity. While each company offers something a bit different, all vessels, with exception of the AmaMagna, on the rivers in Europe are the same size and are at max capacity between 140-160 passengers. This means you will get more intimate experiences due to smaller group sizes on land tours and more personalized service when on the boat. You also do not have long wait times to get on and off the boat when there are so few people. Also, with so few people on the boat, you are bound to make some new friends. You'll find yourself in smaller group activities or in common spaces. We met some incredible people in our last river cruise journey.

Reason Three:

River cruising offers you an opportunity to get off the beaten path. Often times, you are stopping at smaller ports and most certainly you are docking in places that sea cruises could never reach. This gives you an opportunity to visit places and do sightseeing in more remote places that many travelers may not reach. Plus, often times you have the added benefit of longer times in port to do more exploration.

Reason Four:

Most river cruise companies try to incorporate local flavors and offer programming with local flare at each stop, which allows you to dive into the culture. You will see menu items onboard that incorporate local flavors and on some boats, local performers and musicians will come on board to entertain you with dancing and music. There are even opportunities to do food tours, cooking courses and wine tasting on some itineraries, so you can indulge in the local culinary scene.

Reason Five:

Life aboard a riverboat feels luxurious. Due to a fair bit of competition in the marketplace, most river cruise companies are all about offering superior service and amazing amenities for their guests. Rooms are comfortable and the shared spaces are regularly updated to reflect current styles. There is also an average 2:1 crew to guest ratio, which means there is always someone ready to help you, whatever you may need.

Rhine Gorge

Reason Six:

Did I mention the views? This is by far my favorite thing about river cruising. There is nothing quite so magical as gliding into Budapest on a river boat, sitting top deck. The beauty of the city, monuments and architecture there will take your breath away. If castles are your thing, then there is hardly a better way to see them than cruising through Rhine Gorge. If you are more into nature, think about cruising in Africa on the Chobe whilst taking in the views of elephants, hippos and water buffalo or through the Amazon taking in the sights of pink river dolphins and colorful toucans, all from the comfort of your deck or personal balcony.

Elephants along the Chobe.

Well, that wraps my top reasons for trying out a river cruise. I hope you might consider it for one of your upcoming ventures. Of course when you do, I am here to help you pick the best company and itinerary for your interests and budget. Reach out to me at to schedule a call!

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