Why Work With A Travel Advisor

- Expertise: Not only do you have access to our extensive knowledge, but also the expert knowledge of our suppliers, which we work with daily to ensure we are informed on the best of the best travel opportunities for your destinations and interests.

- VIP Connections: We have relationships with on the ground experts all around the world that can make any experience you dream up possible. Through us, you gain access to people, places, and experiences that are one of a kind! - Extras, Perks & Amenities: Be treated like a VIP. When you book with us, you’ll get more than expected for a great price. Our connections with Virtuoso and other partner programs give you access to additional perks, amenities and value that you won’t get through booking your own travel.

- Best Prices: When it comes to developing a custom itinerary, we’ll get you the best value. Through the Travel Society, we have the collective buying power of a whole network of agencies, which allows us to negotiate the best pricing. - Hassle free Booking: Travel is more complicated than ever! Save yourself from the stress. As Travel Advisors, we take care of your planning and logistics, saving you valuable time and relieving the anxieties associated with the unknown when it comes to booking online. We can make even the most complex things come together, all from behind the scenes.

- Peace of Mind: Avoid the pitfalls of booking your own travel. Save yourself time, money and hassle of booking trips, as well as, the lack of customer support when things don’t go as expected. With DreamscapeTraveler, you can have access to a 24/7 support desk.

- We care about your experience: We rely on referrals and your repeat business, so we are incentivized to do the best job we can for you.

- Better Trips Overall: When it comes to your overall travel experience, all of the above ensures you will have a better trip. It’s our job to stay on top of all that is new and exciting!

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“The thing I love about Virtuoso is not just the quality of the advisors, but the strength of the entire network and the supplier partners they use around the world,” said travel writer, award-winning broadcaster and author Michael Patrick Shiels. “I decided to do this segment on running with the bulls in Pamplona and I had never been to Spain, so a Virtuoso advisor connected me with Made For Spain and Portugal, a partner ground supplier that does all the behind the scenes magic. They know everyone and totally set up an amazing itinerary and I ran with the bulls. In Italy, Virtuoso has an amazing local company called IC (Italian Connection) Bellagio that is totally wired into all the kinds of local things travelers say they want these days, special experiences, the best restaurants, art tours of private villas. When you ask your Virtuosos agent to plan a trip to Tuscany, it’s not just them, they have all this expert support behind them, down to the micro level. I’ve been all around the world, and before the first time I worked with Virtuoso I didn’t think I needed a travel agent’s help - now I can’t imagine not using one for anything complicated or specialized.”

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