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About Us

Our Story

I believe that travel is one of the greatest joys in life. It opens the door for us to have new experiences and meet new people that enrich our lives while also broadening our perspectives and deepening our understanding of cultures globally. Travel is an investment in yourself. Time is your single most valuable commodity, so why not use it doing what you love and creating memories of a lifetime? I curate those bespoke and unique experiences that align to each of my client’s interests and make their luxury travel dreams into reality.


My specialties are adventure travel (safaris all over the world, expedition cruises, adrenaline, hiking and other active experiences), wellness (small groups for women, retreats and family), cruising and culinary experiences (wine and food focused touring). I am particularly an expert in Africa, Europe, Central & South America, as well as, Australia/New Zealand, and Hawaii.
At Dreamscape Traveler, I make travel dreams into travel memories!

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